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about world trade, will certainly lead to a lose-lose situation.AUTO COST SPIKEIn its second-quarter earnings report released in July, General Motors cut its profit outlook for the year, citing significant

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increases in commodity costs▓. The automaker now expects to achieve earnings per diluted share of 6 U.S. dollars for the whole year, down from its previous forecast of 6.3▓ to 6.6 dollars.Its rival Ford Motor C

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o. has seen commodity costs rising 300 million dollars from last year, attributing about half of that to the U.S. tariffs on▓ steel and aluminum.The tariffs are expected to eat

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up about 600 million dollars in profit in 2018, the automaker's Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks told media earlier.Fiat Chrysler, along with its German, Japanese▓ and South Korean competitors, have all voiced the

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